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    Now for a limiited time, EtherProg is back in artisanal, fully-assembled form, hand-crafted by NT7S. EtherProg is a bare-bones Atmel AVR in-system programmer (ISP) kit based on the open source vusbtiny firmware. The AVRDUDE open source utility is used in conjunction with EtherProg to flash firmware (along with other functions) to target microcontrollers. EtherProg will be capable of flashing new firmware to any Etherkit product that includes an AVR microcontroller. Specifications Operates with Windows, OS X, and Linux Only requires a free USB port on your PC (a standard USB A-B cable is required) Can provide +5 VDC to target (jumper selection) Standard 6-pin Atmel AVR ISP header and cable included Programming the following Atmel microcontrollers via AVRDUDE is supported (as listed in the AVRDUDE documentation): AT90S1200 AT90S2313 AT90S2333 AT90S2343 AT90S4414 AT90S4433 AT90S4434 AT90S8515 AT90S8535 AT90CAN128 AT90CAN32 AT90CAN64 ATmega103 ATmega128 ATmega1280 ATmega1281 ATmega1284P ATmega128RFA1 ATmega16 ATmega161 ATmega162 ATmega163 ATmega164 ATmega164P ATmega168 ATmega168P ATmega169 ATmega16U2 ATmega2560 ATmega2561 ATmega32 ATmega324P ATmega325 ATmega3250 ATmega328P ATmega329 ATmega3290 ATmega329P ATmega3290P ATmega32U2 ATmega32U4 ATmega48 ATmega64 ATmega640 ATmega644P ATmega644 ATmega645 ATmega6450 ATmega649 ATmega6490 ATmega8 ATmega8515 ATmega8535 ATmega88 ATmega88P ATmega8U2 AT90PWM2 AT90PWM2B AT90PWM3 AT90PWM3B ATtiny10 ATtiny12 ATtiny13 ATtiny15 ATtiny2313 ATtiny25 ATtiny26 ATtiny261 ATtiny4 ATtiny4313 ATtiny44 ATtiny45 ATtiny461 ATtiny5 ATtiny84 ATtiny85 ATtiny861 ATtiny88 ATtiny9 AT32uca0512 ATmega1286 ATmega1287 ATmega162 ATmega647 ATmega647 ATmega82 ATxmega128A1 ATxmega128A1revD ATxmega128A3 ATxmega128A4 ATxmega16A4 ATxmega192A1 ATxmega192A3 ATxmega256A1 ATxmega256A3 ATxmega256A3B ATxmega32A4 ATxmega64A1 ATxmega64A3 ATxmega64A4 Documentation You will find all of the official documentation at the Etherkit Documentation Wiki.




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