• CRX1

    The CRX1 is a simple VXO-tuned superheterodyne receiver for the 40 meter band, with tuning centered around the popular QRP watering hole frequency of 7.030 MHz. It is entirely constructed from surface mount devices in the easy-to-build 0805 (US) size for passive components and SOT-23 class semiconductors. The PCB is large and single-sided, which provides for uncramped construction and makes the CRX1 an ideal warm-up kit for the CC1 QRP transceiver (coming soon). The CRX1 is not just meant to be a novelty to be tossed aside after construction. All of the support circuitry for muting, T/R, and sidetone is included, so it can be paired with virtually any transmitter which uses grounded keying. There is also a port for an external VFO to enable further user experimentation. All controls and connectors are included with this kit, so you just need to supply an enclosure and a few knobs to finish the job! Specifications Frequency Range: Approximately 7.030 to 7.034 MHz (at +13.7 VDC power supply) IF Bandwidth: Approximately 400 Hz Current Consumption: 25 mA (at +13.7 VDC power supply) Power supply: +9 VDC to +14 VDC Minimum Discernible Signal: -133 dBm 3rd Order IMD Dynamic Range (20 kHz spacing): 82 dB Input 3rd Order Intercept: -5 dBm Opposite Sideband Rejection: 49 dB IF Rejection: 74 dB Image Rejection: 67 dB PCB dimensions: 70 mm x 100 mm Antenna Connector: BNC DC Power Connector: 2.1 mm barrel jack Phone Jack: 3.5 mm stereo Key Jack: 3.5 mm stereo Reverse polarity protection Muting, sidetone (user enabled), T/R switch, external VFO port included Available Bands 40 Meters - 7.030 to 7.034 MHz Documentation Full documentation available here




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